Ramacrisna was created in 1959, when Professor Arlindo Corrêa da Silva gave eight children the opportunity to educate. Today, with 63 years of history, the Institute counts 37,722 people benefited in 2021 alone, including children, adolescents and adults in social vulnerability. In all, more than 1.9 million lives have been transformed by the project’s joint actions in all these years of history.

Since its creation, Ramacrisna has invested in projects in the area of education, professionalization, culture and leisure as a way of improving the quality of life of people in social vulnerability. 

On the 63rd anniversary of the Ramacrisna Institute, check out the numbers from the previous year and the plans for 2022.

See also the stories of those who have participated in our projects.

2021 data collection

In the same year that Ramacrisna won the Doar A+ seal and was in the ranking of the 100 best NGOs in the country for the fifth consecutive time, it also had partner companies to welcome socially vulnerable people from 13 cities in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte.

In all, 3,676 consultations were carried out directly at the Institute’s headquarters and 12,540 donations were distributed. In addition, another 20,543 assistances had the partnership of the city of Betim and another 1,053 with the sponsorship of Petrobras.

We had a fantastic year even though it was a pandemic year. In addition to the educational part, we were able to provide assistance and donations of food and hygiene and cleaning materials”, highlights Solange Bottaro, vice president of Ramacrisna.

Donations of food, hygiene and cleaning products, clothes, sneakers and books benefited more than 50,000 people. For this, 12,540 donations were received from partners and delivered to families. 

The numbers do not stop impressing, with 27,090 meals provided, in addition to 10,257 snacks for students of Ramacrisna projects and collaborators.

All this was only possible thanks to the intense work of the Institute’s employees. To improve the performance of employees, there were 1,448 hours of training. In addition to the growth in the number of people served, the Institute also celebrates the 106 employees at its headquarters in Betim, who, together with partners and service providers, reach 300 people working and doing well.

In addition, the 17 partnerships signed with companies and the 11 with the City of Betim were fundamental for the 2021 actions of the Ramacrisna Institute.

Partnership with the Municipality of Betim

One of Ramacrisna’s biggest partners was the Municipality of Betim. To give you an idea, there were 19,523 participants in sports activities and 930 in cultural workshops. These activities were carried out in conjunction with the Municipal Departments of Sports and Culture.

In addition, the Institute’s contribution was essential to serve 1,593,280 meals in partnership with the Health Department and another 573,338 in Pop Restaurants in the city.

Our projects

At the Ramacrisna Educational Support Center (CAER), 639 cultural, sports and technological activities were carried out in 2021.

The Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra had classes for 40 musicians. In addition, there were eight presentations for an estimated audience of 450 people

At the Library, 433 book loans were made to 288 readers. But the biggest cultural success was the Lives: 2,795 people watched the broadcasts.

In the professionalization part, there were 26 classes in 12 courses, with 701 qualified students.

In the Expanding Horizons classes alone, in partnership with the Brazil Foundation, 197 students qualified in 9 classes corresponding to 6 courses.

In addition, the Bulding the Future project, sponsored by Petrobras, qualified more than 900 students in 8 courses, divided into 71 groups. Likewise, the program has activities for early childhood. For this, 86 videos were produced and 137 children benefited. In addition to 5 lives, which total 1,229 views.

The Adolescent Apprentice project also presented excellent numbers: 387 young people entered the job market through 96 partner companies in 10 cities in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte.

The project also has the “Take Care Youth”, which offered psychosocial care to almost 400 teenagers. Not to mention the 8 lives with more than 3,500 views on learning.

In addition, in partnership with Alair Martins Institute and Junior Achievement, 592 young people participated in programs to encourage entrepreneurship. 

Finally, Antenados Producer had 8 clients and carried out 18 external works and 266 video recordings of classes

In other words, it was a very productive year in all areas of activity of the Institute.


Now, Ramacrisna invests in projects for 2022. One of them is FabLab, a space for innovation and professional training for children, adolescents and young people. The idea is to invest in areas with high market demand, but with a low supply of specialized personnel, such as assembly and maintenance of 3D printers and AutoCAD.

FabLab will have a colorful and thought-provoking decoration to stimulate creativity and conquer students.

In addition, Ramacrisna intends to invest more in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). For this, it has mentoring and training provided by BrazilFoundation. In this way, the Institute will further contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ramacrisna’s birthday

Due to the increase in cases of covid-19, the Institute’s anniversary celebrations were suspended. But that does not mean that the date has been forgotten. Check out message from our vice president:

“Celebrating 63 years of uninterrupted activities with such a significant social impact, transforming the lives of young people through professional qualification, offering an inclusive education for children and promoting the quality of life for thousands of people, encourages us to plan a 2022 with proposals more comprehensive, more innovative and even more impactful results.

We highlight the competence of Ramacrisna’s team of employees and managers, the solidarity of the members of the Deliberative Council, the essential partnership of the Municipality of Betim, the participation of companies and partners that made possible the construction of this Journey of Good”.

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