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The “Live Sports” Project, carried out by the Ramacrisna Institute in partnership with the Municipal Government of Betim, aims to offer physical, sports, leisure, and recreational activities to the communities of the city. It includes bodily practices and competitive sports, providing access for children, adolescents, youth, adults, and seniors, both with and without disabilities. The goal is to engage participants in activities that promote health, quality of life, physical and mental well-being, contributing to the exercise of citizenship and human transformation. These activities are free of charge, conducted in inclusive environments, and supervised by specialized professionals.

Check out the offered activities:


Aquileu Franco do Amaral BMX Track
Activities: BMX
Address: 100 Cícero Rabelo de Vasconcelos Street, Bueno Franco

Gilberto Alves Municipal School
Activities: Volleyball and Handball
Address: 24 Criptomeria Street, Jardim das Alterosas

Jardim Alterosas Sports Court
Activities: Futsal, Martial Arts, Volleyball, Aesthetic Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Physiotherapy
Address: 295 Palma de Santa Rita Street, Alterosas

Homero Gomes do Amaral Municipal Garden
Activities: Athletics, Adapted Physical Activities, Basketball, Futsal, Localized Gymnastics, Handball, Sports Initiative, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Iyan Yong, Golf 7, Psychosocial Care, Physiotherapy, Hydrogymnastics
Address: 300 Redelvim Andrade Street, Angola

Divino Braga Poly Sports Gymnasium
Activities: High-Performance Sports
Address: Redelvim Andrade Street, Angola

Gymnastics Warehouse
Activities: Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, and Acrobatic Gymnastics
Address: 69 Dona Conceição de Melo Street, Angola

Osório A. da Silva Municipal School
Activities: Martial Arts
Address: 505 A Street, Granja Verde

Sebastiana Diniz M. Cardoso Municipal School
Activities: Martial Arts
Address: 61 Quatro Street, Imbiruçu

Adelina G. Campos Municipal School
Activities: Martial Arts
Address: 345 Antonio Carlos Avenue, Jd. Tersópolis

Jardim Petrópolis Sports Court
Activities: Futsal and Aesthetic Gymnastics
Address: 101 Visconde de Itaborai Street, Jd. Petropolis

Activities: Martial Arts, Chess, Soccer
Address: 379 Mestre Ramacrisna Street, Santo Afonso

Israel José Carlos Municipal School
Activities: Localized Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics
Address: 341 Nova York Avenue, Capelinha

Mário Marcos Municipal School
Activities: Volleyball, Futsal
Address: 125 Hibisco Avenue, Alto das Flores

Riccardo Medioli Sports Complex
Activities: Athletics, Adapted Physical Activities, Basketball, Futsal, General Gymnastics, Handball, Sports Initiative, Volleyball, Psychosocial Care, Martial Arts
Address: 52 Dulce Brandão Street, Jd. Teresópolis

For more information, interested individuals can contact the project’s central helpline at 55 (31) 3532-5010.


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