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Ramacrisna Educational Support Center

About the Project

The Ramacrisna Educational Support Center (CAER) offers the children various workshops to complement their public schools’ classes. The workshops expand their horizons and opens many doors towards a more egalitarian and fairer world.

They receive daily lunch and snacks, supplies and clothing, also when on vacation, as an incentive to help the families keep their school frequency at the maximum. As a result, dropouts and child labor, common practices in the area, have been significantly reduced, while there has been an increase in the educational level of children and teenagers. To reinforce this idea, only the ones that are regularly enrolled and attending a public school are eligible to participate in the Ramakrishna’s activities.

Digital Literacy Table

With the Digital Literacy Table, the students become familiar with the written language by fitting colored blocks into a large electronic panel. As the letters are inserted in the correct place, they are recognized by special a software and appear on the computer screen. This kind of interactive activity allows the children to recognize the alphabet, construct words, find new meanings, discover accents and interpret texts. To improve their Portuguese and Mathematics notions the Table also includes fables, proverbs, rhymes, tongue twister, among others, which facilitate literacy, help the children to rebuild their self-esteem and expand the learning process.


Digital Board

The access to the INTERNET allows the students and residents of rural areas to connect to the world. The DIGITAL BOARD combines knowledge with technology, while expanding their learning universe. 


Educational Informatics

The use of programs such as Power Point, Word, Excel, Paintbrush, Publisher etc., makes it possible to expand the inventive and recreational capacity of children and adolescents. Educational and research software are used to enrich didactic contents and processes. The video game has been adopted as a learning tool, since it presents various challenges to the players who always need to evaluate, organize, and prioritize information as well as make strategic decisions in the short and long term.

Sports and Recreation Center

The Institute has a multi-sport court, grass soccer field, playground, and an entertainment area with kiosks, tables and benches that are available to the community for sports championships, parties and games in general.


Sports activities – Futsal, indoor soccer, peteca and volleyball

The Institute’s methodology proposes to democratize physical activity and entertainment, promoting health, welfare and quality of life. Sports have a unique way of favoring human development, causing social impact and transforming lives. The Institute offers educational practices as well as recreational and cultural activities that help to transform citizen’s values on the courts, at school, on the streets and in life.

For each meeting, we create a participatory environment that gives voice to the students and use dialogue as a means of interaction and resolution of differences. While negotiating their rules, the students can develop some important skills and incorporate the gender dimension in their lives. By using a different approach during sports practice, we help the students to think and act in connection with the social realities that permeate their lives.


It is a martial art practiced in order to develop self-defense techniques and strengthen the body, physique and mind in an integrated way. However, the purpose of this activity is not only the training of such techniques, but also to contribute to the social and human development that will create black belts on and off the mat.



The learning and practice of chess represent not only an entertainment and cultural option, but also another way of developing fundamental skills, such as the ability to concentrate, think logically, create strategies, propose innovative solutions, make decisions and be persistent.


Cultural Activities


Ballet Workshop

Ballet is one of the oldest formalized types of dances, which can suit almost anybody and is a way of expressing movement. When practicing it, children can benefit from various advantages and improve motor coordination, concentration, flexibility, notions of space and location, self-expression, memory, posture, self-esteem and reflexes, among others.


Drum Workshop 

It aims to develop musical taste, concentration, creativity and logical reasoning, while promoting the community’s approach to activities that take place in the musical environment, always considering their own aspirations, whether it is to become a professional or only get closer to music.


Guitar Workshop 

It aims to develop skills and encourage the dedication and organization of a systematic study, which focus on music theory, chord construction, harmony, major and minor scale, basic guitar techniques, and repertoire.


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