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The Young Apprentice Program

About the Project

The Young Apprentice Program is a Federal Government initiative that proposes measures to encourage the integration of young people, aged between 14 and 24, into the workforce. The action is carried out through accredited institutions that train these young individuals, facilitate their placement with partner companies, and provide individual development monitoring.

The Ramacrisna Institute is one of these institutions. To participate in the Adolescent Apprentice project, one must be between 14 and 23 years old and enrolled in regular education, meaning the adolescent must be attending elementary or high school. It’s worth noting that this is the only legal way to hire individuals between 14 and 23 years old. Below this age, the law does not permit any form of employment.

How to Join the Program

The learning program at Ramacrisna begins with a preparatory course called “Young Future.” With an 80-hour workload, adolescents learn important concepts to take their first steps in the job market. During the classes, they receive lessons on public speaking, participating in job interviews, ethical principles, interpersonal relationship tips, and customer service guidelines.

Based on market demand, profile analysis, and the adolescent’s performance during the course, students may be recommended to companies for interviews and to compete for apprentice positions. The company is responsible for making the final selection and determining the theoretical course based on the sector and activities the young person will perform.

What is the Apprentice’s Work Like?

The young person then starts with an initial theoretical workload, and only afterwards begins practical work at the company, with a daily workload of four to six hours or up to 30 hours per week. In the Ramacrisna learning program, the adolescent spends 4 days at the company and 1 day at the Institute, where they receive theoretical instruction in the assigned course.


Apprentice Remuneration

The apprentice is entitled to receive payment proportional to the minimum wage, according to the hours worked. They also have rights to labor benefits such as days off, thirteenth salary, and paid vacation.



Currently, the program has physical centers for theoretical training in the cities of Betim, Juatuba, Igarapé, and Belo Horizonte, but it serves companies throughout the metropolitan region of BH (Belo Horizonte).

Discover Program!

As a result of an unprecedented interinstitutional cooperation involving the combined efforts of eleven federal, state, and municipal agencies and institutions, the Minas Gerais Learning Incentive Program – Discover! aims to promote access for adolescents and young people in situations of social vulnerability to apprenticeship programs and professional qualification courses. The Ramacrisna Institute is a partner in the program, responsible for the preparation and support of these young individuals.


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