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Who we are

We are a production company that truly transforms lives. A plural space, where the entire audiovisual production chain is contemplated. We make videos, photos, design and editing in various formats and languages. We have state-of-the-art equipment, trained professionals and more than a decade of experience, offering high quality services. 

We serve companies, third sector organizations, schools, colleges, people or institutions that need to produce an audiovisual product or service. Any natural or legal person can hire Antenados Producer! Simply request a quote via the website.

In addition, by hiring us, you contribute to the development of programs that help thousands of people in social vulnerability. Check out our services and count on Antenados Producer for your business. 

Our services

  • institutional videos: increase your brand recognition through modern productions, presenting your company, team and services. All done by specialized professionals with state-of-the-art equipment;
  • commercial videos: increase your sales with TV or internet productions of your brand, product, service, event or project;
  • event coverage: record the best moments of your corporate event with photos and videos produced by a qualified team;
  • product photography: enhance your work with high-quality photographs of your products taken in a professional studio, for advertisements, presentations and social media posts;
  • corporate photography: elevate the power of your company through quality images of your business, space, sector and team to impact your stakeholders;
  • studio rental: take your photos and videos in the Antenados studio, with soundproofing, lighting, air conditioning, white and green infinity background (chroma key);
  • recording of video classes: record your classes and courses in a professional studio with specialized equipment and qualified professionals for your students and receive the classes edited and ready for reproduction;
  • content production: feed your company’s social networks through videos, photos and art of the highest quality perfect for your customers;
  • live transmission of events: have a specialized team behind your live (or seminar, lecture, workshop, show and much more) bringing comfort, security and quality to your business;
  • voiceover for video: make your company video more attractive with a professional voiceover and high quality audio capture;
  • video subtitling: make your videos more complete with synchronized subtitle production;
  • vignetting creation: make your presentations, videos, commercials and social media more attractive with unique vignettes that translate your brand identity;
  • video editing: make your videos more professional with quality editing done in Adobe Premiere and After Effects software;
  • Drone photography and video: Get high-resolution aerial footage captured with the DJI Air 2S drone;
  • classes and workshops: train your team with audiovisual courses and workshops, taught by trained professionals in cinematography, photography, video editing and design;
  • logo animation: make your brand stronger with a modern, unique and attractive animation.

Why hire Antenados Producer?

In addition to offering the best product for your company, Antenados has its origins in a social project by the Ramacrisna Institute. Since the beginning, the production company has supported the next, through the education of young people in audiovisual.

In addition, profits are passed on to programs that really help thousands of people in socially vulnerable situations. It’s social responsibility and a lot of quality in your photos and videos.

Our story

Producer Antenado emerged as the “Young Communicators Antenna Project”, created in 2007 by the Ramacrisna Institute, sponsored by Petrobras. The objective of the initiative was to offer young people the possibility of becoming content producers and transforming agents in society.

The Antenados participated in courses and seminars, television programs and events such as: Favela É Isso Isso, Encontro Marcado with Fernando Sabino, International Dance Forum (FID) and Programa Ação, with Serginho Groisman. They have already held audiovisual workshops for more than 5,000 people, including public and private school students, teachers and educators. Students were also responsible for CRIARTE, the only cultural point in the city of Betim, in partnership with the Government of Minas Gerais, and produced 15 shows in the municipality between 2011 and 2013.

The project already had several partners, such as: Petrobras, Fiat, Consulado, Sebrae, Cemig, Teksid, Rotary, Betim City Hall, Apae BH, Localiz, among others.

In 2014, the project became Antenados Produtora. With a new space of approximately 200 m², the new initiative continued with the objective of training young people. In addition, it started providing audiovisual services to social organizations and companies. The following year, Antenados Produtora received the “Social Technology” certificate from the Banco do Brasil Foundation.

With the services provided, the group can be self-sustainable and autonomous, enabling the replication of technology.

Antenado’s Mission

Antenados Produtora promotes the professionalization of young people aged between 15 and 22, high school students, in the areas of communication and audiovisual.

Students receive theoretical and practical classes in design, photography, cinematography and image editing, in addition to having to develop practical work to complete the course. The students who stood out the most can be hired for part-time work at the production company, as adolescent apprentices.

Do not waste time. Combine quality photos and videos with social responsibility and hire Antenados. Get in touch with us or ask for your quote.

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