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Sport in Movement

About the Project

Organised by the Ramacrisna Institute and sponsored by Vale, Goldman Sachs Bank, Goldman Sachs Broker and Itaú Social through the Federal Sports Incentive Law, the Sport in Movement project will benefit 120 people directly and 480 indirectly in the Vianópolis region of Betim.

Children and teenagers from the age of six take part in activities such as 7-a-side football, futsal, badminton, volleyball, judo and basketball, which, in addition to their sporting character, also help to develop the individual as a whole and train them to exercise citizenship and practise leisure. The activities are free of charge.

The project is designed to give students access to educational sport, practised in unsystematic teaching methods, avoiding selectivity and hyper-competitiveness in its practitioners.
Classes will take place five times a week, divided into sports disciplines and lasting one hour.

Validity: march . 2023 to march . 2024

Sport in the formation of citizenship

Practising sport goes far beyond its physical benefits. It contributes directly to the formation of each individual’s personality and personal character. The activities help develop physical and mental skills and learn various concepts that help shape a person’s future.

The socialisation of young people through sport in the peripheries and vulnerable communities is a basic need that can generate significant changes in the lives of each of these children and adolescents and the entire community, changing the reality in which they live and generating opportunities for development and reducing violence and inequality.


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