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Building the Future

About the Project

Sponsored by Petrobras, the Instituto Ramacrisna has been carrying out the Construindo o Futuro (Building the Future) project since 2020, in the neighborhoods of Imbiruçu, Colônia Santa Isabel and Petrovale, neighboring REGAP, in Betim-MG. The target audience of the actions are children, adolescents and young people, residents of the 3 neighborhoods.

It will benefit 3.240 people directly and 16.200 indirectly, including family members and participants of events and tournaments. All activities are totally free of charge.

The project’s objective is to promote professional qualification and integral human development through sports activities, cultural events and workshops on environmental awareness. The project is aimed at socially vulnerable children, young people and adults, aged between 3 and 40, as a means of contributing to their social inclusion and protagonism. In other words, the Institute offers transforming socio-educational opportunities for the individual and society, as well as a sustainable development for the community in which it operates.


Activities offered to the project’s participants

Attention to early childhood

Aiming to meet the important demands of three communities, regarding children aged between 3 and 5, the Institute develops playful and fun activities to integrate these municipal public-school children, assisting them until the age of 6.

We have installed a Reading Bag in day care centers to promote several activities, such as storytelling, reading, poetry recitals, dramatizations, and tell and retell (the child reads, tells the story and the friend retells it according to their own understanding).

These activities improve vocabulary, sociability and creativity, while encouraging reading. We also offer to the day care centers other educational toys related to math, geometry, colors, etc. to enrich the children’s education.

Education for work

The Institute offers professional training courses to young people and adults, aged between 16 and 40, in three selected communities covered by the project. The choice of courses was based on the residents’ demands. Our target is the young people in the final years of elementary school and adults with no qualifications or little education, who need and occupation to improve their families’ living conditions. Over the two years, we will qualify 1.230 young people and adults.

Human formation

All applicants will participate in workshops to develop their skills and understand their own value. The Institute offers playful, interactive, challenging, and engaging workshops to discuss arid but fundamental issues for people’s education, which deal with the themes such as “The respect for human rights and combat of discrimination”. There are also workshops about Educational Computing, Recycling and Environmental Awareness, Fanzine, How to Use Social Networks, Mobile Photography and Video, which will also promote the exchange of ideas and participation in excursions.

The topics cover issues, such as Gender equity; Ethnic-racial equality; Promotion of Ethics, Integrity and Transparency; and Dissemination of Sustainable Development Goals.

These workshops are designed to all students that participate in sports and cultural activities and to the professional training students with a workload of one hour/class, totaling five hours/class. During two years, it will cover 2.936 children, teenagers, youth people and adults.

Sports and cultural experiences

In this case, we use the recreational method to promote greater interaction among participants and between those and the instructor. Our objective is to approach the activities in a playful manner to improve positive emotions, creativity and motivation; reduce anxiety and stress; promote a better learning experience; and develop an interest in sports.

Sports activities: basketball, field football, futsal, volleyball, peteca, capoeira and zumba.
Cultural activities: ballet, Folia de Reis and Congado.

Address: Nuclei of the Building the Future project:

Telephone: 3544-9886
Address: Rua Luzia de Jesus Barbosa nº 20 – Bairro Imbiruçu
Betim/MG – CEP: 32677-480

Telephone: 3596-3588
Address: Rua Espanha, 31, lojas 2 e 3 – Bairro Petrovale
Betim/MG – CEP: 32668-050

Colônia Santa Isabel
Telephone: 3531-5585
Address: Rua Ana Neri, 151 – Colônia Santa Isabel
Betim/MG – CEP: CEP 32641-278


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