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Ramacrisna Philharmonic Orchestra

About the Project

In June 2005, the Ramacrisna Institute created the Youth Orchestra with the aim of bringing the beauty of classical music to the reality of children and young people in situations of personal and social risk, living in the community of Vianópolis, in Betim, aged between 12 and 24 years.

The project includes classes for 40 musicians on musical theory and practice, which include string, wind and percussion instruments. Renowned teachers from the Barros family – Alexandre (wind), Elias (violin) – are the ones who, together with Maestro Eliseu, promote the musical development of talented musicians.

We created the Spring Music Festival, which has been held annually since 2013. During the event, the Institute also offers music theory and practice classes on various orchestral instruments, as well as performances by students, groups and guest orchestras.

The festival is an opportunity to offer access to classical and popular music to communities located on the outskirts of Betim and mobilize everyone: students, employees, musicians’ families and guests, among others.

Conductor: maestro Eliseu Martins de Barros

Barros, graduated in violin from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and graduated in Neurosciences and Psychoanalysis Applied to Education from Faculdade São Camilo, has played with the Mercosul Youth Orchestras and the World Orchestra of Japan, at the Pacific Music Festival, in 2000 .

The maestro is a soloist and has conducted concerts with Sesiminas-Musicoop, UFMG Symphony and Cuiabá Symphony Orchestra. He has worked with popular music and as an arranger, has played with great artists from Minas Gerais and other states, and recorded with the band Skank, Lô Borges and Paula Fernandes. Barros is currently a guest violinist at the Minas Gerais Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra at UFMG, as well as conductor and coordinator of the Sesc-MG Youth Orchestra.

The Orchestra in the media

May 31, 2020 – Jornal O Tempo Online – Pandemia: Jovens da zona rural de Betim continuam seus estudos musicais virtualmente

June 19, 2020 – Super Rádio (City Patrol Program) – Entrevista Maestro Eliseu Barros (início às 13h05)

June 20/2020 – TV Globo “MG1” – Orquestra Betim ensaia e mantém integrantes com vídeo e aulas virtuais

July 11/2020 – TV Globo “É de Casa” – Orquestra se apresenta em comunidade


Cultural Center

The Cultural Center has a built area of 750 m², which is made up of an auditorium with 200 seats, two dressing rooms with toilets, projection room, rehearsal room, instrument storage, administration room, gardens and hall.

In 2013, through a project by the State Fund for Culture developed in partnership with the State Secretariat for Culture, it became a sustainable building, with a ceiling in mineral material, LED lighting and walls made with reused material that contribute to its good acoustics. . The Cultural Center, which benefits the entire community, is used for shows, lectures, graduations, film screenings and work meetings.

In 2019, with resources from the State Culture Fund, we were able to restructure the space, air-condition it and replace its 200 chairs, providing greater comfort for everyone.


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