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Citizen Tattame

About the Project

The Tatame Cidadão project, sponsored by Vale through the Federal Sports Incentive Law and organized by the Ramacrisna Institute, will benefit 50 individuals directly and 250 individuals indirectly.

Children and teenagers starting at eight years old participate in judo activities that not only have a sportive aspect but also aid in the individual’s overall development and their formation for citizenship and leisure. The activities are free of charge.

The project includes Educational Sports, which are practiced in an unsystematic education form, avoiding selectivity and hyper-competitiveness among its practitioners.

Classes will occur three times a week and last for 1 hour.

Judo in the Development of the Citizen

Judo is a centennial sport that goes beyond self-defense and physical development. It aids in intellectual development, self-confidence, patience, self-control, sociability, respect for others, responsibility with material and non-material culture.

Free access to sports activities provides social inclusion, democratization, and generates opportunities for participants to discover their unknown or undervalued abilities and aptitudes, consequently leading to their self-appreciation, recognizing themselves as active and participating members within their social group.

Besides promoting sports practice, integrating, inserting, and socializing people, and discovering new talents, the project will contribute to the fight against drug use, alcohol consumption, and violence.


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