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Preparing children, adolescents and young people for life, through practices that combine technology, sport and education. This is the focus of the Checkmate project, carried out by the Instituto Ramacrisna , sponsored by Vale, through the Federal Sports Incentive Law. The objective is to promote sporting experience through robotics and chess activities, benefiting 448 children and young people between 6 and 18 years of age, in situations of social vulnerability, public school students and residents of Betim. The duration of the project is 2 years.

The Checkmate project was designed with the aim of providing students with access to Educational Sports, practiced in the best education systems and in unsystematic forms of education, thus preventing lower-income young people from being excluded from the market due to lack of opportunity. The purpose is to achieve the integral development of the individual and their training for the exercise of citizenship and leisure.

In Educational Robotics classes, the activity of inventing, programming, assembling and moving a tiny robot exercising logical reasoning, providing collaborative work, data sharing and promoting interdisciplinarity.

Chess activities also play an extremely important role in preparing for the future, learning and practicing chess represents not only an option for leisure and sport, but also a means that makes it possible to develop fundamental skills in the development of children and young people, among others. them, the power of concentration and logical reasoning, the creation of strategies to propose innovative solutions, the initiative for decision making and persistence.

These are some of the infinity of pedagogical gains promoted by the activities of the Checkmate project.


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