22 de November de 2021


Musician’s Day: Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra trains music professionals

Musician’s Day, celebrated on November 22, celebrates those who use their talent to compose and perform melodies and songs.

But, despite being a job that requires talent, it also takes a lot of dedication and study. Besides, being a musician can help children and teenagers to change their future.

In today’s blogpost, you can learn a little more about the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra.

An unknown world

The Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra came about by chance: the Institute received a donation of seven violins despite not developing any project related to music.

Therefore, Ramacrisna established a partnership with another non-profit institution and held a meeting with the parents of the children and teenagers. The objective was to explain how the classes and learning of the instruments would work.

Soon after, came the first performance, at the community church, with proud families and the seed of a new project: the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra.

Meet the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra

Founded in 2005, the Orchestra brings together children and teenagers who arrive unsure, but soon discover incredible abilities. “They showed themselves to be very talented, many of our students saw in music a formal profession, the dream of a university education and a source of income”, says the vice president of Ramacrisna, Solange Bottaro.

One of the great differentials of the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra is the teaching of music theory, which makes musicians more professional. In addition, the project counts on the work of apprentices and monitors.

This paid work is mainly carried out with adolescents in socio-educational measures. In this way, it is an important activity for the transformation of these young people’s lives. “These are cases that make us very proud. We have already had very serious changes and, when we see that our work pays off, we feel very fulfilled”, says Solange.

The musicians have already performed at important events and have even performed for the US embassy at the headquarters of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais.

Check out an excerpt from one of our presentations:

On Musician’s Day, an interview with those who train new musicians

Since 2014, Maestro Eliseu Martins de Barros leads the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Violin from UFMG and a postgraduate degree in Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis Applied to Education, the conductor works with great names in Brazilian music, such as Caetano Veloso, Skank and Paula Fernandes.

He says that working at Ramacrisna is rewarding and tells about the Orchestra’s new home. check out the chat:

What is it like to work at the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra?

I’m very involved with social project, with giving people in situations of social vulnerability the opportunity to study music at low or zero cost. So, working with the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra is a source of great joy for me. Because it’s another opportunity to help people who have difficulty entering the music market.

Nowadays, a private class is around 400 reais. And a lot of people aren’t able to have access to this, so I’m very proud to help these people. It is also a work that greatly enhances my experiences of learning with students. We go to teach and end up learning a lot from them too.

What is the Orchestra’s contribution to students?

We present a new world to them, both culturally and socially. They are very talented students who practice, can enter a very magical world that music offers. From college studies, professional orchestras, jobs as a musician and even teaching. It’s a broadening of horizons, of dreams.

How the training work is done?

The main work we do is management. Because we notice a lot of low self-esteem issues. Many students arrive with their self-esteem destroyed, not feeling capable and our job is to show that it is possible for them to succeed in life as a musician.

Many of them cannot overcome this emotional barrier and this is the biggest challenge we face. So, this is the main work we do. Because in learning there is not much problem: they are very talented and smart and learn lessons quickly.

What strategies do you use in this management?

First, I like to give them a lot of freedom. Including suggesting the didactic model, such as the music they would like to play. I try to be very open to suggest ideas. It is a participatory management model, which brings more student involvement. So they feel part of the process.

Another way I use it is to encourage giving assignments so they can teach new students. In this way, I try to awaken the vocation of teaching and they are very proud of having this recognition.

The Orchestra has a new house. How the new headquarters will benefit learning?

The new rehearsal site is wonderful in many ways. First, because it is a house that reminds us of the family, a familiar environment. It’s not like buildings that have elevators and such. the house is welcoming.

Another benefit is the location: the mansion is in the middle of the forest. Therefore, we have a lot of green around, which brings tranquility, lowers tension, anxiety and stress. It’s a very cozy and welcoming space.

Who already supports this project

Currently, three companies are partners of the Young Ramacrisna Orchestra. Are they:

  • New Carrier of the Southeast (NTS), which allocates resources through the Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (FDCA)
  • Hotmart, which contributes to the internal donations program called Hotmart UmporCento
  • Essencis, which also makes transfers via the FDCA

Essencis is a company in the field of sustainable technologies for the treatment, recovery and disposal of waste and has been making donations to the FDCA for 2 years as part of its corporate governance goals.

The Ramacrisna Institute has received these resources since the company’s first internal public notice for the selection of institutions. This transfer is made through contributions that are fully deductible from income tax.

“We are strongly concerned about choosing partners that truly transform the community through structured projects and that are serious institutions, with transparent management and the capacity to operate in a network with other initiatives”, highlighted the Communication and Social and Environmental Responsibility analyst at Essencis , Fred Mendes.

Become a sponsor of the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra

Help us to continue training musicians. For that, you can be one of our sponsors. We currently have three quota options. Are they:

  • Gold:
    • insertion of the logo on the website, on the uniform, on the graphic pieces and on the totem that is displayed on stage during all presentations;
    • mention of the company name in releases to publicize the project and by the master of ceremonies during presentations;
    • an annual presentation at an event promoted by the company.
  • Silver:
    • insertion of the logo on the website, on the uniform, on the graphic pieces and on the totem that is displayed on stage during all presentations;
    • mention of the company name in releases to publicize the project and by the master of ceremonies during presentations.
  • Bronze:
    • insertion of the logo on the website, on the uniform, on the graphic pieces and on the totem that is displayed on stage during all presentations;

 To check the values ​​of each quota and ask questions about forms of sponsorship, contact us.



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