21 de November de 2022

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Music week: become a sponsor of the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra

For 17 years, the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra has been transforming the lives of children and young people between 12 and 24 years of age in a situation of social vulnerability in the community of Vianópolis, in Betim. In all, there are 40 musicians who have their first contact with classical music through the project.

In addition to discovering skills in the world of music and even starting a new profession, Youth Orchestra musicians develop their coordination, self-esteem, learning and focus. And your company can contribute to maintaining the project and continuing to transform the lives of dozens of people. Learn more below. 

Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra: 17 years of tradition

Created in 2005, the Orchestra is one of the main projects of the Instituto Ramacrisna. The group has performed with big names in brazilian music, such as Saulo Laranjeira, Tianastácia  and gave a concert at Sala Minas Gerais, home of the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra. This concert was an invitation made by the United States Embassy Office in Belo Horizonte to commemorate the Independence Day of the United States.

Students arrive at the project with little or no knowledge in the area. Then, they go through the lessons of the chosen instrument and the teaching of music theory. This is one of the great differentials of the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra, because it makes the musicians more professional. 

In addition, the project relies on the work of apprentices in music and monitors who help novice students to learn more quickly and is also a way to insert these young people into the job market. Another distinguishing feature of the Orchestra is the inclusion of teenagers who are part of the Discover program, whose priority is to serve teenagers and young people in compliance with or who have left socio-educational measures, institutional care and/or rescued from situations of exploitation of child labor . In this way, it is an activity that helps transform the lives of these young people.

Why be a sponsor?

Companies that support and sponsor artistic-cultural projects have numerous benefits over their competitors. First, there is the gain in institutional image and added value to the brand. This is because your company will be seen in different places and still position itself as an institution that supports cultural products.

In the case of local projects, such as Youth Orchestra, it is a way of reinforcing the company’s social role in the locality where it operates. That is, the community sees firsthand how the brand can contribute to its growth and development. 

Finally, it is the chance to develop new business opportunities and win new customers. After all, more and more people seek to consume goods and services from companies with social responsibility.

It is also worth remembering that by supporting a project by an institution with recognition and history, such as Ramacrisna, it is a way of linking your brand to an organization with a good reputation. 

Currently, three companies are partners of Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra. Are they:

Essencis is a company in the field of sustainable technologies for the treatment, recovery and disposal of waste and has already been donating to the FDCA for 2 years, as part of its corporate governance goals. 

The Ramacrisna receives these resources from the company’s first internal call for selection of institutions. This transfer is made through contributions that are fully deductible in the Income Tax.

“We are very concerned about choosing partners who truly transform the community through structured projects and who are serious institutions, with transparent management and the capacity to operate in a network with other initiatives”, emphasized the Communication and Socio-environmental Responsibility analyst at Essencis , Fred Mendes.

Be a sponsor of the Youth Orchestra. To answer questions and learn more about the project, contact us.


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