13 de April de 2023

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Student of the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra is approved in 1st place at UFMG

The student of the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra, Ana Clara dos Santos Malaquias, 20 years old, was approved in 1st place for the Bachelor of Violin course at UFMG – Federal University of Minas Gerais. It was in the Ramacrisna project that the young woman found her talent for music.

The Youth Orchestra was born in 2005, after the donation of seven violins, and today it has become one of Ramacrisna’s most important projects. Currently formed by 40 musicians aged 10 to 24, including children and young people in situations of social vulnerability in the community of Vianópolis, in Betim, the group brings together countless stories of overcoming.

The mother of the young university student, Marta, is full of pride. According to her, this is just the beginning of her successful journey, as she knows her daughter’s dedication and determination. “Gratitude to the Instituto Ramacrisna for the opportunity, learning and encouragement,” said.

The musicians have already performed in the main cultural spaces of the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte and have in their curriculum partnerships with artists such as Italian tenors Claudio Mattioli and Massimiliano Barbolini, Saulo Laranjeira, the band Tianastácia and Trio Amaranto. Its rich repertoire brings together classical music and great hits of Brazilian popular music (MPB).

Conductor Eliseu Martins de Barros holds a Bachelor’s degree in Violin from UFMG and a post-graduate degree in Neuroscience and Applied Psychoanalysis to Education, and has been in charge of the project since 2014. “Many students arrive at the Orchestra with destroyed self-esteem, not feeling capable. In a short time, they transform. They are very talented and intelligent and learn their lessons quickly,” he points out.

The project has the support of the companies Essencis and NTS and people and companies that are interested in contributing to the expansion of the project can allocate part of their Income Tax to the Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (FDCA), which transfers the amounts to the Instituto . To learn more about how to allocate the IR visit the website:


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