18 de January de 2023


Retrospective: check the numbers of Ramacrisna in 2022

2023 has just started, but Ramacrisna is already preparing for news in the coming months. But, before putting new projects into practice, the Institute takes stock of what was done in 2022.

In all, 88,069 services were carried out inside and outside the Ramacrisna headquarters and 16,101 donations were distributed by the Institute. Check details below.

2022 balance sheet

For the sixth consecutive year, Ramacrisna won a place in the ranking of the 100 best NGOs in the country. The seal was recognition for the work carried out with transparency, ethics, governance and accountability. The Institute also received the 2022 ODS Brazil Strategy Award, which recognizes and values ​​practices aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, developed by organizations affiliated to the ODS Strategy Network.

In addition, in 2022, the Institute gained international recognition for the first time: The Good Dot (formerly called NGO Advisor) conquering the 178th position in the global ranking and the 12th in the Brazilian ranking. 

In all, we carried out 3,817 services directly at the Institute’s headquarters and another 1,765 with the sponsorship of Petrobras. 16,101 donations of basic food baskets and gas kits, among others, were also distributed. In addition to this total, another 82,487 assistances were carried out in partnership with the city of Betim. In summary, 104,170 services involving art, culture, education, digital inclusion, sports, low-cost food, food support for families in extreme socioeconomic vulnerability were carried out. 

“We had a record audience last year, and that surprised us a lot, because we were coming out of the pandemic period and the challenges were still great. This number impacted society as a whole, encompassing families, children, young people, it was very significant”, evaluates the vice president of Ramacrisna, Solange Bottaro. 

She also says that the good work in 2022 and the transparency of the actions have already borne fruit, with the renewal of strategic partnerships such as Vale, Usiminas, NTS, Essencis and MPT- Ministério Público do Trabalho through the Discover project, in addition to arrival of new supporters, such as Instituto Localiza – Corretora do Banco Goldman Sachs and Banco Goldman. “We will continue to grow in the number of people and in the quality of care, both in terms of vocational courses, as well as with children and the impact on the entire community of 11 cities in the metropolitan region. We end 2022 surprised and happy and start 2023 with a lot of news and the possibility of continuing to grow with great quality”, says. 

Donations of food, cleaning products, clothes, computers and books benefited 64,405 people. For this, we have 16,101 donations from partners and delivered to families.

With the resumption of face-to-face activities, the number of meals provided within the Institute jumped from 27,090 in 2021 to 84,103 in 2022. In addition to 59,147 snacks for students of Ramacrisna projects. 

All of this was only possible thanks to the hard work of the Institute’s employees. To improve the performance of employees, there were 1,400 hours of training. Not only did the number of consultations grow, but the number of Ramacrisna employees reached 798, all with CLT contracts.

In addition, the 8 partnerships signed with companies and the 11 with the City Hall of Betim were fundamental for the 2022 actions of the Ramacrisna Institute.

Partnership with the Municipality of Betim

One of Ramacrisna’s biggest partners was the Municipality of Betim. In all, there were 74,225 participants in sports activities and 8,262 in cultural workshops that were held together with the Municipal Departments of Sports and Culture.

In addition, the management of the Institute was essential to serve 1,470,814 meals in partnership with the Department of Health and another 956,477 in Popular Restaurants in the city.

Ramacrisna’s Projects

The cultural area has developed a lot in 2022. At the Library, 2,248 books were loaned to 488 readers. The Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra had classes in string, wind and percussion instruments for 40 musicians. In addition, there were 11 presentations for an audience of 2,500 people.

Meanwhile, at the Ramacrisna Educational Support Center (CAER), 208 children and adolescents participated in cultural, sports and technological activities in 2022. And the young athletes competed in 20 championships, taking 69 medals and 7 trophies in chess and judo.

Still talking about sports, 1,727 students from public schools participated in the sports activities of the Bulding the Future project, sponsored by Petrobras. All participants live in the neighborhoods of Colônia Santa Izabel, Petrovale and Imbiruçu, in Betim.

In terms of professionalization, there were 47 classes in 16 courses, with 1,185 qualified students. In the Expanding Horizons classes alone, in partnership with BrazilFoundation, 248 students were qualified in 9 classes corresponding to 5 courses.

And young people also participated in the Adolescent Apprentice project. Last year, 435 apprentices were hired by 104 partner companies in 11 cities in the Metropolitan Region. In addition, 94 former apprentices were hired by the companies after the end of the apprenticeship contract. The project also had the “If you care for Young people” program, which offered psychosocial care to almost 276 teenagers.

Finally, the Antenados Producer took 256 photographic coverages and produced 92 videos. In other words, 2022 was a year of positive growth for the Institute, transforming the lives of thousands of people.

FabLab Ramacrisna

In April, the Institute took an important step towards digital inclusion and technological training in the community: the inauguration of the FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) Ramacrisna.

The 500 m² space has: 6 3D printers, 5 virtual reality glasses, 1 CNC Laser Cutting Router, 5 Cell phones, 15 tablets, 16 computers, 21 Notebooks and

9 lego kits for the practice of Educational Robotics. This equipment enabled the opening of new courses, such as Girls in Network, which takes programming knowledge to female people in social vulnerability, AutoCAD and 3D Modeling and Printing.

Now, we face a new 12 month journey ahead. And we will only be able to do good with your help. Discover our projects and make your contribution.


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