17 de April de 2023


Discover the benefits of sport for children

Sport is an activity that brings countless benefits to those who practice it. From physical development, through mental and social benefits, to integration with the community. Sport plays a fundamental role in the formation of children and young people.

Benefits of sport for children

The practice of sports is a fundamental activity for the physical, mental and social development of children. Among the main benefits are the improvement of cardiovascular capacity, increased resistance and strengthening of muscles. In addition, sport also brings mental benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, as well as improving self-esteem and self-confidence.

But not only that. Through sport, children learn important values ​​such as teamwork, discipline, respect, leadership and overcoming challenges.

Sport for children, families and community.

Practicing sports is not only beneficial for children, but also for their families. Sport can be a way to strengthen the bond between parents and children, encouraging participation in collective activities and promoting interaction between different groups. In addition, sport can be a way of uniting the family around a common goal, promoting coexistence and well-being. 

Sport also brings benefits to the community as a whole. It can be an important tool in health promotion and disease prevention, in addition to contributing to the integration between different groups. Sport can also be a way of promoting social inclusion, especially in needy communities and in situations of social vulnerability.

Instituto Ramacrisna sports programs

Did you know that here at the Instituto Ramacrisna we have several programs and opportunities for children and young people to practice sports, growing strong, healthy and full of lasting and uplifting experiences? Yes! Discover some of our projects that encourage the practice of sports for children below.

Sports and Recreation Center

At its headquarters, the Ramacrisna Institute has a large Sports and Recreation Center that benefits the community. There, classes are given in various sports for children and adolescents in social vulnerability, some of which are: futsal, society soccer, shuttlecock, volleyball, judo, chess and ballett. 

The project aims to promote social inclusion through sport, encouraging the practice of the most diverse modalities. The program seeks to promote integration between different groups and encourage the practice of sports as a way of promoting health and well-being.

Viva o Esporte: partnership with the municipal government of Betim

The Instituto Ramacrisna is a partner of the Betim City Hall in the Viva o Esporte project. The program offers sports activities for people of all ages, genders with and without disabilities in 11 different centers. The project offers 19 sports, including athletics, basketball and beach volleyball. 

Ramacrisna promotes sport for children as a life-changing agent

Sport for children brings benefits not only to those who practice it, but also to their families and the community as a whole. Through the promotion of health, social inclusion, physical and mental development, sport plays a fundamental role in the education of these children and young people..

The Instituto Ramacrisna’s mission is to provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy the benefits of sport. Sport for children is a powerful tool for social transformation and the promotion of well-being, and should be encouraged and valued in all its forms.

If you identify with the benefits of sports for children, be sure to get to know the inclusive sports programs at Instituto Ramacrisna. Access the site right now and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of many people through sport. Together, we can transform realities and promote a better future for all!

About Ramacrisna

For more than six decades, the Instituto Ramacrisna has offered education, leisure, culture, sport, learning, digital inclusion and professionalization actions for children, adolescents and adults in socially vulnerable situations.

In all, more than two million people have already had their lives transformed by at least one of our projects, in 11 cities in the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region. This represents not only personal and family improvements, but also a reduction in crime and more art and culture actions that improve the indexes of Minas Gerais and, consequently, of Brazil

Now that you know how our projects help society as a whole, make your donation and join this chain of good.


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