9 de July de 2024


“Inside Out 2” serves as a bridge to important reflections in the corporate environment

Youth from the Adolescent Apprentice project at an institution in Betim carry out activities with students and employees inspired by the film


The Disney/Pixar animation “Inside Out 2” was one of the most anticipated releases in cinema in 2024 and, with less than two weeks in theaters, it has already become a box office champion. The film’s storyline revolves around Riley’s mind, a girl facing the challenges of transitioning to adolescence, which brings forth new emotions. In addition to the emotions already familiar to the audience – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, who starred in the first film, in this sequel, the team is joined by Anxiety, Envy, Shame, and Boredom.

In a lighthearted manner, the animation raises important reflections on how we deal with each feeling and its impacts on our daily lives, whether at home, at school, or even in the workplace.  Inspired by this cinematic success, the Ramacrisna Institute is promoting an innovative interaction between students from the Adolescent Apprentice project and the institution’s employees. Using letters representing the feelings from the film, the young participants are transforming the administrative environment into a space for learning and reflection.

During the activity, students randomly distribute the letters among the employees, each one representing a feeling like joy, sadness, anger, and all the other characters from the film. After choosing, the employees read aloud the received feeling, while the adolescents share motivational messages and strategies for dealing with these emotions in a professional context.

Sueli de Oliveira, project instructor, highlights the pedagogical importance of this approach: “We always aim to bring important themes to the students in a lighter and more playful manner, to generate more interest and engagement. This initiative not only educates adults about the influence of emotions in the workplace but also prepares our youth for the challenges of the job market they will soon face. Since we spend most of our time at work, being in control of our emotions is crucial.”

The action is scientifically grounded, as the scripts of “Inside Out” are based on the research of American psychologist Paul Ekman, a pioneer in the study of emotions and facial or bodily expressions. For Ramacrisna psychologist Jessica Tauane, bringing such themes into the corporate environment in a playful way helps employees feel more comfortable in expressing their feelings. “The phrase we often hear in corporate settings is that personal and work life shouldn’t mix. People don’t want to express their emotions, thinking it makes them more vulnerable. But effectively, our bodies aren’t prepared for that. This action by the students brings a different perspective to employees, including about repressing feelings, leaving a sense of support and openness to discussing the topic,” she explains.

Solange Bottaro, vice-president of the Ramacrisna Institute, emphasizes the positive impact of these activities: “Creating space for initiatives like this is crucial. Besides promoting interaction between students and employees, it also brings important reflections to the corporate environment, improving organizational climate and mutual understanding. This approach not only strengthens the bond between generations but also demonstrates how art can be an effective means to promote positive changes within organizations.”

Jhullya Souza, an apprentice in the project, approved of the action. “It was really good, not only for understanding myself better but also for helping others discover and express feelings that are often hidden and unnoticed. The action brought a lot of self-awareness to everyone who participated, both employees and us, the students,” she reported.


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