12 de January de 2022

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Children at home? Check out tips for activities for the school holidays

Amid the increase in cases of flu and covid-19 in Brazil, it is recommended to stay at home during these school holidays. But that doesn’t mean the kids won’t have fun.

To help you entertain the little kids and make the school holidays unforgettable, we’ve separated options for activities that can be done indoors. In addition to winning over the children, they will involve the whole family. Check out!

School holidays are part of development.

Even during vacations, learning can not stop. Each day of nurturing children’s development will help them to become better adults. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in activities that are of interest to children, but without ceasing to be thought-provoking and development-friendly.

So the first step is to get the child out of the way of TV or social media trends. This is because this type of activity does not stimulate the imagination.

Instead, how about betting on the stories? When watching a storytelling, the child not only develops the imagination, but also helps to awaken interest in reading.

 To do a storytelling at home, use a book or even a comic book. The important thing is to develop techniques that catch the child’s attention. A tip is to show the illustrations on the pages and use music during the narrative.

Another tip is to access the Construindo o Futuro (Building the Future) project playlist. In it, you will find several videos with storytelling focused on early childhood. In addition, poetry telling and other story-related activities are also available. Check out one of these videos:

Draw and create

What child doesn’t love to draw? The activity helps not only in the imagination, but also in the development of motor coordination. To make it even more fun, propose a game with the whole family, where the challenge is to guess what the drawing means.

And as children are curious, why not propose construction activities? It could be either a cardboard cabin, a house of cards or a mockup of buildings.

Another “do-it-yourself” tip is to create your own toy. In addition to turning this moment into fun, you also save money and can use recyclable materials. So, how about putting your hands dirty and making kites, modeling clay or ball in the bottle?

To do this, just add a plastic bottle, cardboard, marble and adhesive tape. You can see the step by step in the live held by the Construindo o Futuro project:

Activities at Ramacrisna Institute

During school holidays, students at the Ramacrisna Educational Support Center (CAER) will have a special program. These activities will be held at the same time as the normal class period.

There are activities such as: board games and a movie session. Despite being indoor, they will be carried out following safety protocols for covid-19. In addition, students will also enjoy outdoor programming, such as picnics and recreational sports activities on the Institute’s court and football field.

About Ramacrisna Institute

Ramacrisna is a non-profit social organization that develops projects in the areas of education, art and culture, professionalization and learning. For this, we have a library, orchestra, Educational Support Center, vocational courses and learning programs for teenagers.

For over six decades, we have helped transform the lives of children, young people and adults in situations of social vulnerability in 13 cities in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte.

Since the beginning of activities, nearly 2 million people have benefited from at least one of our projects. Help us to continue to transform lives. Click and learn how to help.




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