31 de January de 2023

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Adolescent Apprentice: news allows young people to enter the job market close to home

Many teenagers dream of being able to enter the job market through the apprenticeship program. According to the legislation, to be a young apprentice, it is necessary to be between 14 and 23 years old and enrolled in regular education, that is, the teenager must be attending elementary or high school.

This is the only way to legally hire teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16. That is, below that age, the law does not allow entry into the labor market. In order for young people to be hired, it is necessary that in addition to practical training, the apprentice must be duly enrolled in the apprenticeship course of a training institution.

One of these institutions is Ramacrisna, through the Adolescent Apprentice project, which has been in existence since 2005. In all, it has served 3,600 young people since 2005, from 11 cities in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte. Ramacrisna receives apprentices for their training at its headquarters in Betim and at the Belo Horizonte Nucleus.

To serve these young people even better, Ramacrisna inaugurated two new poles of the project: in the cities of Juatuba and Igarapé in partnership with their respective Municipalities. See details below.

Adolescent Apprentice closer to you

If you are between 14 and 21 years old and live in Juatuba or region, you can sign up to be an apprentice through the Ramacrisna website. The new Polo, inaugurated in October 2022, is a partnership between the Institute and the City Hall of Juatuba.

The location holds theoretical classes for apprentices in the region, which makes the course more accessible to students and companies. This is because companies favor teenagers who live closer to their workplace.

It was such a success that Ramacrisna inaugurated another new activity hub, this time in Igarapé, in partnership with the city hall, which provided the space. The site will also offer theoretical classes for young people from Igarapé and region, aiming at accessibility for students.

When a company becomes a partner in the Adolescent Apprentice project, it can hire teenagers in any of these areas:

  •     administrative – the young person assists in the routines of the administrative department, involving customer service, monitoring reports, preparing spreadsheets and controlling files;
  •     retail trade – the teenager works in the routines of the commercial department, involving customer service, monitoring reports, preparing spreadsheets and controlling files;
  •     logistics – the apprentice participates in the routines of the logistics department, monitors operational and transport indicators. In addition to filling out spreadsheets and helping with inventory control;
  •     audiovisual production – young professionals help in the creation, production and realization of audiovisual products based on the knowledge acquired in the apprenticeship program;
  •     banking services – teenagers work in bank branches, developing administrative and operational activities, involving customer service and computer-related activities;
  •     ● music – apprentices receive theoretical and practical classes from the young musicians who make up the Ramacrisna Youth Orchestra.

And how to be an apprentice?

Ramacrisna’s learning program begins with a preparatory course, called Young People of Future. With a workload of 80 hours, teenagers learn important concepts to take their first steps in the job market.

During classes, content is taught that addresses the themes of how to speak in public, participate in job interviews, ethics lessons and tips on interpersonal relationships, customer service, among others.

According to market demand, profile analysis and the performance of the teenager during the course, students are recommended to participate in interviews and apply for apprentice positions in partner companies. That is, there is an indication of the teenager according to the profile requested by the contracting company, which is forwarded to Ramacrisna, considering aspects such as location, age, area of ​​activity, among others.

If you are a teenager looking for an opportunity, join the Young People of Future. However, if you are a representative of any company, please contact us so that we can form a partnership and together we can transform lives.


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