Since 1994, we have been developing partnerships to improve our management process and use of available resources. The participation of volunteers and of SEBRAE has been very important in this initial search for knowledge and transformation.

The Ramacrisna Institute is constantly improving its management processes and the use of available resources.


  • It uses the ERP TOTVS System that integrates the entire administrative process, organizes the institution and provides real-time performance and information, which are necessary for quick and objective decision-making.
  • It uses an XML import system for the DANFE issued on behalf of Ramacrisna, by suppliers, which also automatically integrates the invoices of ERP transactions.
  • It stores data from the management system in the cloud, to monitor the social services and files of the Ramacrisna collection, providing higher security and precision.
  • It invests in infrastructure to improve the quality of the internet and equipment that broadcast the online classes.
  • It provides VPN to control the access of the external collaborators and of the ones who are working from home.


In addition, since 2008, the Institute has been developing a partnership with the Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC), one of the ten best business schools in the world and the 1st one in Latin America according to the Financial Time ranking, to enhance our management strategies. This ‘Partnership with Social Organizations’ (PSO) is based on the joint construction of knowledge through the exchange of experiences between organizations, followed by on-site monitoring by the FDC professors. The improvement of the accounting system has been a constant in the organization’s trajectory.

Management structure

Executive Board

  • President: Expedito Martins Chumbinho
  • Vice-President: Solange Bottaro
  • Financial Director: João Bosco de Oliveira Brant
  • Social Assistance Director: Flávio Alves Gomes
  • Administrative Director: Yukari Hamada

Fiscal Council

  • Sandra Helena Lopes Nogueira
  • Edineia do Carmo Alves
  • Ricardo Rodrigues Rezende


  • Vanderlei Soela
  • José Augusto Fonseca
  • Paulo Emilio Martins Guimarães

Executive Team

  • Superintendent: Américo Amarante Neto
  • Controller: Daniela Balbina
  • Self-sustainability Manager: Octávio Figueiredo
  • Financial Manager: Renata Avelar
  • Accountability Manager: Vanda Maria de Paula
  • Administrative Coordinator: Valéria Souza
  • HR Coordinator: Daniella Nunes
  • Communication Coordinator: Gabriella Prado
  • Project and Social Assistant Supervisor: Aline Fauez

Deliberative Council

  • Edineia do Carmo Alves
  • Elisabeth Marques Duarte Pereira
  • Expedito Martins Chumbinho
  • Flávio Alves Gomes
  • Geraldo Costa de Faria
  • Gilberto Mendes de Oliveira
  • João Bosco de Oliveira Brant
  • José Augusto Fonseca
  • José de Oliveira Barbosa
  • José Tolentino Leite Neto
  • Márcio Araujo Rabelo
  • Márcio Andre de Brito
  • Marcus Vinícius do Nascimento
  • Maria de Fátima de Oliveira Rolim
  • Maria Luiza de Aguiar Garcia
  • Nelson Fonseca Leite
  • Paulo Emilio Martins Guimarães
  • Renato Dolabella Melo
  • Ricardo Rodrigues Rezende
  • Ricardo Sales Costa
  • Roberto Dayrell Fróes
  • Romenio Santos
  • Sandra Helena Lopes Nogueira
  • Solange Bottaro
  • Tomaz De Aquino Resende
  • Vanderlei Soela
  • Yukari Hamada

Corporate governance

Code of Ethics

Internal Regulation

Organization Chart

Records and certificates
of operation

  • Copy of Registration, Civil Registry Office, which certifies that the Ramacrisna Articles of Incorporation was amended on July 7, 1993, under number 54.247, on the Office’s book of records A.
  • Federal Public Utility: Decree number 59.602, issued on November 28, 1966.
  • State Public Utility: Law number 2.215, issued on August 24, 1960.
  • Municipal Public Utility of Betim: Law number 1462, issued on September 22, 1981.
  • Municipal Public Utility of Belo Horizonte: Law number 1.288, issued on December 1, 1966
  • Certificate of Registration of Social Assistance Entity – 382 on June 11, 1959
  • National Council for Social Assistance: Certificate number 60.188/62.
  • Betim Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents: 01 of 2.121.92
  • Betim Municipal Council for Social Assistance: 001
  • Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents of Belo Horizonte: 0420
  • Municipal Social Assistance Council of Belo Horizonte: 380