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Educational Robotics Workshop

The perfect combination between technology and programming places robotics in the center when it comes to prepare children and teenagers for life.

Inventing, programming, assembling and moving a little robot are activities that improve logical reasoning, provide collaborative work, and promote interdisciplinarity competence, among other pedagogical gains.

However, it goes far beyond that. By having fun with programmable kits, software, protoboards, wires, sensors, boards and motors, the students begin to change their future, even without realizing it. By becoming interested in programming, they prepare the ground for their future insertion in the labor market, which has an increasingly demand for such skills.


Virtual reality glasses

The purpose of virtual reality is to simulate a reality that doesn’t exist. Such technology allows the students to interact with three-dimensional objects and scenarios. For example, the teacher can use the tablet to guide the students to inhospitable areas of the real world (swim with sharks, visit space) or to transform the classroom into a museum, without leaving their actual location. In such experience, the students become able to play the main role and, consequently, to enhance their learning process in a way that seems more intense and closer to reality.


3D Printer

The 3D printer promotes activities that encourage collaboration, creativity and sharing. To use this technology, the students create their model in the Paint3D app (Windows Operating System) and use the Simplify3D software to translate their 3D models into instructions that the 3D Printer can understand.

Digital Literacy Table

With the Digital Literacy Table, the students become familiar with the written language by fitting colored blocks into a large electronic panel. As the letters are inserted in the correct place, they are recognized by special a software and appear on the computer screen. This kind of interactive activity allows the children to recognize the alphabet, construct words, find new meanings, discover accents and interpret texts. To improve their Portuguese and Mathematics notions the Table also includes fables, proverbs, rhymes, tongue twister, among others, which facilitate literacy, help the children to rebuild their self-esteem and expand the learning process.


Digital Board

The access to the INTERNET allows the students and residents of rural areas to connect to the world. The DIGITAL BOARD combines knowledge with technology, while expanding their learning universe. 


Educational Informatics

One of Ramacrisna’s basic rules is to provide, to the children and young people, who belong to low-income families and live in the rural areas of Betim, access to the most innovative technology and equipment.

We offer them a new world, in which technology facilitates learning. We work in a playful manner to develop their logical reasoning and help them make faster decisions, while also increasing their self-confidence and competence, as well as expanding their possibilities of being included in the labor market on equal terms, whenever necessary.

The use of programs such as Power Point, Word, Excel, Paintbrush, Publisher etc., makes it possible to expand the inventive and recreational capacity of children and adolescents. Educational and research software are used to enrich didactic contents and processes. The video game has been adopted as a learning tool, since it presents various challenges to the players who always need to evaluate, organize, and prioritize information as well as make strategic decisions in the short and long term.

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