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What is the future of digital games in Brazil?

Legal Framework for Electronic Games opens up possibilities for those interested in the field

The electronic games sector is experiencing a period of expansion worldwide. According to the latest study by PWC, a consulting and auditing firm, the market generated over $196.8 billion in 2022. 

Additionally, the digital games sector in Brazil is also experiencing positive growth. A survey by Newzoo, published by the University of São Paulo, revealed that games generate over R$ 12 billion per year. Thus, Brazil is the largest electronic games market in Latin America and the 13th largest in the world. And the market is expected to improve further. 

To foster the development of digital games in Brazil, the country has enacted specific legislation. The Legal Framework establishes rules and incentives to promote the growth of the market. 

Legal Framework for Digital Games in Brazil 

Law 14.852 is considered a significant advancement. The legislation permits the manufacturing, importation, sale, development, and use of digital games in Brazil. In other words, the law aims to encourage business and increase investment in the gaming sector. 

Another important aspect is that the legislation defines what electronic games are. The concept includes computer games, mobile games, internet games, console games, and accessories such as joysticks and software. 

The law does not include slot machines, gambling, lotteries, or any game involving bets and real or virtual money prizes, for example. It also does not cover fantasy games where participants create virtual teams of real players. 

Additionally, the legal framework recognizes various professions in the sector, such as visual and audio artists, game designers, programmers, testers, and producers. 

New Opportunities 

The Legal Framework for Electronic Games also impacts education. It values professions in the gaming sector, giving more recognition to these careers. 

Therefore, it is a sector poised for growth in the coming years and offers great potential for those seeking a profession. According to the 2022 Brazilian Games Industry Survey, there are over a thousand game development studios. This number is 169% higher than in 2018, when Brazil had 375 companies in the field. In other words, the opportunities in the area are substantial. 

Knowing this, the Ramacrisna Institute, in partnership with Hotmart and the city of Betim, offers a course in Game Development and AutoCAD. In the classes, students learn logic and programming. Using an HTML5 tool, they create characters, add movements and behaviors, and develop the game’s visual elements in an accessible way. 

Moreover, the course also includes lessons on AutoCAD, software that creates technical drawings in two dimensions and builds three-dimensional models. This tool is very important in fields such as engineering and architecture. In the course, students learn to use the program, from saving files to working with geometry and projections. 

The classes are held in person at the Ramacrisna headquarters in Betim, in the Greater BH area. In total, there are 135 hours of classes. To participate, students must be at least 16 years old and enrolled in high school. 

This is a new way to transform lives. If you also believe in change through education, contact us and join our chain of good.


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