22 de November de 2022

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Ramacrisna trains social organizations and launches Manual at the 2nd Forum of Entities

In the last two years there has been a 5% growth of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Brazil, accounting for more than 815 thousand institutions, and in 2020 many organizations were on the verge of closing their doors, as they were in an irregular situation.

With these challenges in mind, the Bulding the Future project, carried out by the Instituto Ramacrisna, sponsored by Petrobras, will take place on November 23, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, at the Ady Rosa Auditorium in Betim City Hall (Pará de Minas Street , 640 – Brasiléia), the 2nd Forum for Entities. The event is also held with the support of CMAS – Municipal Council of Social Assistance of Betim, City Hall of Betim, SUAS – Unique Social Assistance System, Salão do Encontro and Daniela Balbina Consultoria e Capacitação.

The manager of the Bulding the Future project at the Instituto Ramacrisna, Aline Fauez, says that the idea arose from dialogues with the partners, who support the initiative. “We at Ramacrisna and Petrobras realized how harmful the pandemic was for social organizations that already had a difficult history and we are looking for ways to help them in practice”.

The event will feature lectures to train social organizations in Betim on topics such as: “Novelties in the management of Civil Society organizations”, “Social responsibility and the performance of companies with the Third Sector”, as well as the launch of a Manual for guidance and support. Aline points out that the work is focused on bringing formalization to social organizations. “It is not just about starting to develop social projects, it is necessary to have all the documentation, such as: CNPJ card, bylaws, have a good fundraising plan, obeying the laws in force, all this step-by-step is contemplated in the Manual”, explains.

Places are limited to two people per institution and those interested can register for free to participate by accessing the link:


2nd Forum for Entities – Training for Social Organizations and Launch of the Manual

Date: 11/23

Hours: 8am to 12pm

Location: Ady Rosa Auditorium Municipality of Betim (R. Pará de Minas, 640 – Brasiléia)



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