29 de June de 2023


Judo for children: see 5 benefits of sport

A century-old sport, judo for children goes beyond self-defense and physical development, and can be a strong ally in reducing social vulnerability.

Sports have many benefits, whether physical, moral and social. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the practice of judo for children and adolescents is the best sport for initial training, as it promotes comprehensive physical education.

Judo in childhood and adolescence helps to develop motor skills and values such as friendship, respect and participation. Furthermore, it is a sport that spreads the culture of peace. In the case of judo for children, the practice can still be a tool for social transformation for several families in social vulnerability. Do you still have questions about the benefits of sport? 

Discover, below, the five main points of judo.

Benefits of judo for children


1) Improvement in learning


Within the mat, the sport works factors such as attention, memorization, understanding and interpretation. These teachings are taken to the classroom, improving school performance. Another benefit of judo for children is the discipline and importance of training.


The modality also works on self-knowledge, making athletes aware of all their skills and potential. It is a way to encourage the development of your strengths, valuing concentration and the ability to stay focused to achieve positive results.

2) Socialization and mental health


Judo helps to make children safer and more confident, making them prepared to face challenges. In addition, sport helps them learn to deal with frustrations and unforeseen events.


During classes, children increase socialization, allowing greater contact with people of the same age and making new friends. It is also a way of learning to be empathetic and respect differences.


In addition, practicing sports helps children to understand their own emotions and to know that they can control them. They learn to maintain balance and rationalize possible conflicts.


It is also proven to improve the mental health of children and adolescents, removing symptoms of anxiety and reducing the risk of depression.


3) Sport habit


Those who start practicing judo in childhood are more likely to become physically active adults. That is, by continuing in the sport or practicing another modality, physical activity becomes a lifelong habit.


The result is improved health, controlling overweight and obesity, reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease and other conditions.


4) Social inclusion


One of the great benefits of judo is social inclusion. Children and adolescents with some type of disability or autism use sports as a way of integrating with the community. Thus, it is a way of reducing prejudice and making people aware of diversity.


Also within the scope of social inclusion, there are projects that offer judo free of charge to socially vulnerable children and adolescents. It is a way to broaden the horizons of entire families, get in touch with a new sport and develop healthy forms of leisure.


5) Stay away from alcohol and drugs


The practice of judo also has another benefit for children in situations of social vulnerability: avoiding alcohol and drugs. This is because, once the young person knows his own body, he understands how these substances are harmful to his performance.


It is also a way to prevent these children from running the risk of being attracted to crime, especially robbery and drug trafficking. Since judo allows better social interaction.

Get to know Tatame Cidadão

Because of these and other benefits, the Ramacrisna Institute started a new project, the Cidadão Tatame. The initiative is sponsored by Vale, through the Federal Sports Incentive Law.

Three times a week, the project offers judo activities for children and teenagers from eight to 18 years old, completely free of charge. The initiative will benefit 50 people directly and 250 indirectly.

The aim of the project is to promote sports, integrate, insert and socialize people and discover new talents.

Learn more about Tatame Cidadão and other projects from the Ramacrisna Institute. And if you want to transform the lives of thousands of people, get in touch with us.



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