27 de December de 2022

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Inside Ramacrisna: know about the story of the brothers Wedyson and Keyla

Since they entered the Ramacrisna Educational Support Center (CAER), brothers Wedyson Gonçalves dos Santos and Keyla Gonçalves dos Santos do everything they can to not miss any of the activities. Like every child, the two are full of creativity and dreams and found in the Institute a place to try to make them come true.

Full of stories and adventures, the two liven up the life of Edilene Lemos, who is CAER‘s pedagogical coordinator and shares some moments of the two.

Talents encouraged in Ramacrisna

Wedyson, 10, and Keyla, 11, are part of a family of six siblings. But, as everyone in the home works, they learned, from an early age, to take care of each other with great dedication and affection.

Edilene says that the brothers are inseparable, to the point that they sit at the bathroom door to wait for Keyla to leave. The two entered CAER together in 2018 and love to participate in the workshops.

Wedyson likes to create, invent toys with recyclable materials, such as: detergent caps, old CDs and boxes, for example. In addition, he also knows how to draw very well.

Keyla, on the other hand, dreams of being famous, being a professional singer and together with Wedyson, forming her own band. For this, they take guitar lessons with Zezinho da Viola, a volunteer teacher at CAER who teaches the instrument every fortnight.

“They constantly say that they are studying with Zezinho to be part of the Ramacrisna Orchestra in the future, before creating their own band. They haven’t defined the name yet, but they know it will be a success”, she predicts..

Edilene is so confident in the success of the duo that she organized a day in which the brothers gave a presentation to their colleagues on the project: “Keyla brought a red lace dress that she had received from a teacher and sang an English song, and Wedyson taught them to make a toy.”

Children’s toys

Edilene says that Wedyson and Keyla love being at CAER and do everything to be there. “There was a time when it was raining a lot and they came in dog food bags so they wouldn’t run out. They made the raincoat bags, cut just two holes for the eyes and they came,” she recalls.

In another adventure, they were in the mood for condensed milk, but they didn’t have it at home. So they asked a neighbor for milk, mixed sugar and a liter of oil. They made porridge and ate it all. The other day, they didn’t come because they were feeling sick. 

Upon hearing the story, teacher Gislene brought a box of condensed milk for each one. “There are countless adventures they get into”, summarizes Edilene who believes that Ramacrisna allows the two to live new adventures.

Meet Ramacrisna

Ramacrisna is a non-profit institution that, for more than 60 years, has been developing projects in the area of ​​leisure, culture, professional and learning courses for children, adolescents and adults in social vulnerability in 13 cities in the Metropolitan Region.

In all, almost 2 million people have already had their lives transformed by our projects. You can contribute to improving the lives of many children like Wedyson and Keyla. Discover our work and make your donation.


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