8 de September de 2023

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Inside Ramacrisna: Institute invests in clean and sustainable energy

With actions focused on environmental preservation, Ramacrisna has energy efficiency actions and clean and renewable energy generation


It is impossible to change the world without worrying about the planet. And it is not possible to take care of the planet without reflecting on the origin of the energy used. For this reason, Ramacrisna is committed to goal seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which deals with accessible and clean energy. The text predicts that, by 2030, the entire population will have access to cheap, reliable, sustainable and renewable energy.

The Institute works for continuous improvement in the environmental area, with the expansion of energy efficiency actions and the generation of clean and renewable energy among its activities. Find out more about this initiative below.

What is clean energy

First of all, you need to understand what these terms are about. Clean energy is energy that is produced without any kind of pollution. This means that, for example, there is no emission of greenhouse gases, such as CO². Sustainable (or renewable) energy is produced from renewable sources. That is, the raw material does not run out, as is the case with fossil fuels. Examples of sustainable energy are hydraulic, wind, biomass and solar, for example.

In the first quarter of 2023 alone, more than 90% of the energy produced in Brazil was considered clean, according to data from the Ministry of Mines and Energy. To give you an idea, the world average is 15%.

At Ramacrisna, photovoltaic energy is used, generated from the sun’s heat, in its own plant, built in 2020. In addition to taking care of the planet, the initiative also helps to take care of more children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability.

Energy in Ramacrisna

The Institute’s photovoltaic plant produces 90 KWP per month. This is enough to supply 90% of the institution’s monthly electricity consumption.

With this amount, it is possible to serve 450 people within Ramacrisna’s projects. Or else fund another 6,750 meals for the Institute’s students.

In addition, in 2021, Ramacrisna inaugurated a second photovoltaic power plant at the Associação Educativa e Cultural de Igarapé (ASSECIG), a partner of the Institute. The plant has the capacity to generate up to 1905 kw/h. The construction was made possible by the Ampliando Fronteiras II project, carried out by the Ramacrisna Institute with resources from BrazilFoundation. The project also has the support of the Municipality of Igarapé and the Rotary Club Belo Horizonte Liberdade.

Energy efficiency

Another energy-related project is the result of a partnership with CEMIG, which promoted the replacement of motors, light bulbs and wires for more efficient equipment. Currently, all the Institution’s lamps are LED, which are more economical.

In addition, a solar water heating system was implemented, which promotes the hygiene of all the material used in the kitchen (plates, pans, etc.) and food with more economy, in addition to heating the buffet and showers.


With the production of clean energy, Ramacrisna began training young people and adults between 18 and 45 years old to maintain and install photovoltaic plants. The course is part of the professionalization in electrical/photovoltaic.

Classes are in person, five times a week, at the Institute’s headquarters, in Betim. Students must take a selection test and have completed primary education.

This is because Ramacrisna believes that it is possible to train labor to popularize this type of plant. In addition to enabling a change in the lives of each student, improving monthly income and a better future for the entire family.

If you believe that it is possible to protect the planet and transform the reality of people in situations of social vulnerability, get to know our work and support our projects.



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