10 de May de 2023

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Inside Ramacrisna: discover the story of Kauã da Silva

There are stories that inspire us every day. This is one of them. Kauã arrived through learning and discovered himself in Ramacrisna. 

Kauã joined Ramacrisna in February 2022. He came to be an apprentice, but achieved much more. Through the Institute, he discovered not only a source of income, but a talent and a great passion. 

The teenager quickly realized what he really liked: the photography he learned in the audiovisual course classes, while he was an apprentice. 

Today, just over a year after starting training, he has become a professional photographer and filmmaker. 

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Ramacrisna: first professional experience

Aproximately 1 year ago, Kauã began to pursue his professional career. To help his mother with the household bills, he became an audiovisual apprentice at the Ramacrisna Institute. 

Early on, the boy didn’t really know what profession he wanted to pursue in the future. Everything started to change when he discovered his love for the photographic lens. 

Kauã says that, based on Professor Nezir’s teachings, he realized how he could tell stories and show his worldview through photographs. 

“I became more interested in video when Professor Nezir arrived. He encouraged me and believed in my potential. If today I work as a professional photographer, I owe him a lot”, he adds.

Nezir invited Kauã to accompany him to events, working as a photographic assistant. Thus, the teenager had contact with the profession in practice and never stopped. Soon after, he began to do several essays and also started his career as a freelancer.

Talents encouraged in Ramacrisna 

One of the fundamental roles of Instituto Ramacrisna is to encourage children and teenagers to discover their talents. All our projects are focused so that students can learn, get involved and develop in a new profession. 

In the case of Kauã, the support received at Ramacrisna was essential for him to start his professional journey. 

In his words: “The Institute changed my life. There, I had many opportunities and experiences that contributed to my becoming a professional photographer”.

Meet Ramacrisna 

The Instituto Ramacrisna is a non-profit institution founded 64 years ago. We develop projects in the areas of leisure, culture, sports, professional courses, educational and learning support for children, adolescents and adults. We operate in 11 cities in the Metropolitan Region, with communities in situations of social vulnerability. 

In all, more than 2 million people have already had their lives transformed by our projects. 

If you were moved and interested in Kauã’s story, know that you can help hundreds of young people like him to discover their passions. Just support one of Ramacrisna’s projects.  

There are several ways to make your donation. Currently, physical and legal persons can contribute online, via pix or paypal, or by bank slip. To do so, just click here, choose the form of donation and contribute any amount. 

Another way is through Income Tax, contributing via the Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (FDCA). That is, it is a percentage of the amount that would go to the Government, you can allocate it to a Social Institution. You pay nothing extra for it.


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