5 benefits of sport for kids

Often, the practice of sports for children is seen as an obligation in physical education classes. But it’s much more than that: moving the body brings a series of benefits for the development of little ones, both physically, mentally and socially.

Therefore, the Physical Education teacher at Ramacrisna Institute, Alírio Júnior, listed 5 reasons to encourage your child to practice physical activity. Check out!

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  • Fighting childhood obesity

A physically active child is more likely to become an active adult. It is that, through regular sports practice, healthier habits are created. Thus, it gains countless health benefits that will reflect even in adult life.

For example, there is a decreased risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Increasingly, the number of children and adolescents with these problems has increased, mainly due to sedentary lifestyles and inadequate nutrition..

It is also a powerful ally in the fight against childhood obesity, mainly due to the reduction in the percentage of body fat.

  • Improves motor coordination

Another benefit of sport for children is motor development. This makes the little ones able to perform simple day-to-day tasks with greater dexterity.

Is that when practicing physical activities, it is necessary to develop specific skills. For example: in football, you have to run and kick the ball at the same time. The more a child plays a sport, the more he can improve these movements. The result is an improvement in gross motor coordination, which involves balancing activities such as jumping and going up and down stairs.

  • Develops socialization and friendships

Collective sport is essential for social integration. In addition to living with other children, they learn to work as a team, collaborate with each other and overcome shyness.

In addition, they develop the ability to follow rules and, mainly, they learn to deal with possible frustrations, understanding that it is not always possible to win or lose.

  • Improved reasoning

During sports practice, it is necessary to develop focus and concentration. These skills help not only to improve performance in training, but also in school performance. What happens is that the little ones take these new skills, helping to learn.

Another fact that improves reasoning is the ability to make quick decisions, which can make a difference in sports and leave the brain more active for everyday actions. In addition, sport also helps improve memory and assimilation capacity..

Finally, playing sports releases the so-called happiness hormones, which provide emotional balance and pain relief. With this, sports for children become an ally in improving the mental health of little ones, helping to fight anxiety and depression.

These hormones also help regulate sleep quality. No wonder that physical activities are indicated in cases of dyslexia and attention deficit.

  • Helps children in social vulnerability

Sport plays a very important role for children in social vulnerability. First, they are not at risk of frequenting dangerous places and have a healthy leisure alternative.

They also help parents, who have the peace of mind of leaving their children in a safe place while they work. Furthermore, sport for children can become more than just fun: but the dream of a future profession.

Best sports for kids

There is no rule about what sport is best for children. When choosing an activity, it is important to see if the child can understand the rules and sees that sport as a form of fun.In the case of younger children, it is possible to make certain adaptations. In the case of football, for example, playing kicking and catching the ball, without being on the field.

Ramacrisna supporting the sport

Every child has the right to play, play sports and have fun. This is one of the articles of the Statute of Children and Adolescents that further establishes that society has the obligation to provide the opportunity for leisure and sports.

For this reason, Ramacrisna has a Sports and Recreation Center and several sports classes for children and teenagers in social vulnerability: futsal, soccer, shuttlecock, volleyball, judo, chess and ballet.

These activities were stopped by the pandemic, but they have already been resumed, complying with safety protocols, such as reduced hours and limited number of students per class.

In addition, the Building the Future project, carried out with the sponsorship of Petrobras, also includes sports activities such as football, futsal, volleyball, basketball, shuttlecock and capoeira. Due to the pandemic, activities had to be suspended, but are expected to return in February 2022.

Ramacrisna is also a partner of the municipality of Betim in the Live of Sport project, which offers sports activities for people of all ages, genders, with and without disabilities in 11 different centers. The project offers 19 sports, including athletics, basketball and beach volleyball.

In addition to practicing sports, the students of the Living the Sport Project also receive psychological care, a physiotherapist and a social worker.

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