Our Work Courses

Audio-visual (semi-distance learning)

About the Course

It aims to promote learning in the areas of communication and audiovisual. Students receive theoretical and practical classes in photography, cinematography, image/videoediting and design, in addition to developing practical work to complete the course.

Important Information

– It is necessary to have access to the internet to take the classes on-line and be available to participate of practical lessons at the Ramacrisna Institute, in Betim.
– The candidate must have a personal e-mail and phone number registered at the Institute.                                              – The student who does not fulfill the workload of the virtual and/or in-person classes will not receive a certificate.
– The digital teaching material and the uniform for practical lessons shall be provided by the Institute.
– The transportation cost of the practical lessons is the responsibility of each student.

Required Documents

Original Identity Card;
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number [CPF];
Proof of address;
Proof of education.

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