7 de November de 2022

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Inside Ramacrisna: discover the story of Guilherme Coelho

Guilherme Coelho has been an employee of Ramacrisna since May 2022. He teaches in the Institute’s industrial robotics course. But five years ago, the instructor was one of the students in the first qualification class. Know this story:

Ramacrisna: first professional experience

Currently, Guilherme’s day-to-day is hectic: in addition to being a Ramacrisna instructor, he also has a company. But to get here, a very long way has been traveled. 

The instructor says that Ramacrisna was part of several important moments in his history as a professional. First was the moment when he had his initial work experience, as a young apprentice. For Guilherme, more than entering the market, the opportunity allowed for great personal growth.

“Until that period I lived in the ordinary world of any teenager, who has the feeling of being the best of all and that he already knows everything. So, I had my first impact with the job market in a multinational, where I saw professionals with the same age as mine and far ahead in technical and personal knowledge, from that ‘click’, I totally changed my habits to acquire knowledge” , he tells.

Thus, he sought courses and mentors that could bring more information and confidence to his trajectory. And Guilherme found two novelties at Ramacrisna: the intensive English classes and the industrial robotics qualification course.

Aquela era a primeira turma do curso de profissionalização. O objetivo das aulas era, e ainda é, preparar profissionais para atuar em diversas áreas da indústria da automação, como programador PLC, programador de robôs e eletricista industrial, por exemplo.

In the classroom, concepts of efficiency and safety are applied for programming development, industrial process control logic and also industrial robot manipulation and programming.

For Guilherme, the gains from the classes were immediate: “The courses contributed to my tenure at the company I worked for and for me to meet important people in my career”, he recalls. Subsequently, he was able to attend higher education, contributing more to his curriculum.

Therefore, he believes that Ramacrisna played a key role in his trajectory. “Without the Institute, my life would be more challenging, Ramacrisna opened important doors for me to professional and personal development, made it possible for me to learn a second language and start my academic career. I’m very grateful for that,” he says.

New challenges

Five years later, he had the opportunity to return to Ramacrisna, this time as an instructor in the same course he was a student in the first class. Now, he can contribute to the training of young people who are looking for a new opportunity in the job market. 

For Guilherme, teaching is a task that brings surprises every day. “Being a teacher is the biggest challenge for any professional”, he says. He says that, if before he was just looking for his personal growth, now he understands that there is a greater mission. “With my return to Ramacrisna, I discovered that for me it doesn’t make a difference to be someone in life, now my goal is to make a difference in other people’s lives”, he points out.

Therefore, Guilherme created a new objective for himself: to seek the excellence of Ramacrisna. “I hope to help transform the industrial robotics course into a quality reference, training the best professionals in the market,” he says.

In addition to the qualification in industrial robotics, Ramacrisna also offers other courses such as computer operator, audiovisual, 3D modeling and printing, Autocad, electrical/photovoltaic, welding and car mechanics.

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