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Professionalization of socially vulnerable teenagers (MSE)

About the Project

The Ramacrisna Institute has developed a specific methodology to work with this highly vulnerable public that is eager for opportunities to change and grow professionally and personally. Since 2019, we have been working with two groups of students at the Institute’s headquarters in Betim and have already created two other groups in the Belo Horizonte Center, all of them in partnership with the Labor Prosecution Office.

The project’s objective is to offer professional qualification to teenagers so that they will be able to personally develop themselves. We offer access to professional knowledge, through classes that combine theory and practice, as well as guidance and monitoring in school activities to help them remain in class. At the same time, we introduce these teenagers to the world of technology, by offering classes on Educational Programming, Robotics and Virtual Reality Glasses, so that they can envision new possibilities to which they have the right to access.

Cultural and entertainment activities are made also available to help their development and social integration in diverse environments.

In sum, the project encourages their insertion into the formal labor market through the creation and/or expansion of positive behavior, while performing analyses, problematizations and simulations of protagonist attitudes in face of new situations, and/or difficulties, whether in personal, social, political, economic or cultural life.

The activities are carried out in the Ramacrisna’s headquarters located in Betim, and in the center located in Belo Horizonte.

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