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Net Girls

About the Project

Strengthen education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), prepare girls for the challenges of the technological age in a predominantly male area and develop socialization actions. This is how the “Meninas em Rede” (Web Girls) Project was born, supported by Criança Esperança.

Aimed at socially vulnerable girls in rural communities served by Instituto Ramacrisna, the project aims to bring this public (excluded from innovations due to inequalities and gender issues) closer to teaching digital skills, numerical and verbal skills. The project encourages creativity, logical reasoning and critical thinking.

Through articulation with public schools, programming workshops, development of technological tools, chess, sports and cultural, human management, and Industry 4.0 and IOT will be held, in order to introduce girls to innovation, with new interfaces for education.

In the Technology and Programming workshop, held at FabLab Ramacrisna, the students learn the processes of application development, incorporation of interfaces and the user experience in platforms on mobile devices, learning the programming language to create applications, with forms and interfaces interactions, data storage and communication with other devices.

Throughout the project, female references in the field of technology will be presented to serve as examples and inspiration, and at the end of the project, a mobile application will be developed by the students.


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